On “Personal Attacks”

We’ve gotten some flack (and support) for posting the information about Gayl Shepard that we wanted to quickly address. A few quick points: 

  1. The rumor was out there. We asked for more information which confirmed it. At that point, with people talking about it, it seemed worthwhile to share the facts and let people decide for themselves whether it was relevant.
  1. Was it relevant? We think so, but it’s fine if people don’t. Certainly, it’s at least as relevant as some of the attacks that have been made against MacCormack, Kulwin, and others on the board and in the community – especially the endless suggestions that they are corrupt or otherwise self-interested. But if you don’t think it’s relevant that’s fine. Disregard it.
  1. We think it’s interesting that the moment we posted something particularly hard-hitting about someone who has been spending the past year using really incendiary, divisive rhetoric and often making deeply personal attacks there was a lot of outrage. Where has all of this outrage been over the last year, as Shepard and the MEA-first crowd have relentlessly attacked the Superintendent. Suddenly,  the folks who’ve been spending all of their time engaging in ad-hominem attacks are deeply concerned about civility. It’s a welcome change, and we hope it will stick. But given their record thus far, there’s little reason to hope that it will.

2 thoughts on “On “Personal Attacks”

  1. juless76

    I agree. Although I usually disagree with taking things to a personal level, it’s important for people to know what’s really going on. They can decide for themselves if the issue is pertinent to the debate.

  2. Edward Billy

    It is obvious where your loyalties lie. You do a disservice to yourselves as an unbiased chronicler of fact. You are clearly biased and perhaps you have a stake in supporting Ms MacCormack, Kulwin, and others. I am a resident with no axe to grind and no dog in this hunt, but I assume that most if not all Teachers in this town try to teach our children and I support unions which support teachers. Perhaps you have a problem with Ms Sheppard and the union.


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