That Was Quick: Despicable Opponents Resort to Making Threats to Our (Supposed) Families

We got a strange email in our account from what is apparently an anonymous messaging service called Silent Sender. It had a code that, if you went to the site and entered it, displayed a message. We were a bit hesitant to open it at first but we google-d around and the site seemed legitimate, so we checked it out.

The message contained a threat – not just to the person they thought we were (note to sender: no one involved in this blog is named Matthew, Matt or anything similar) but also to retaliate against that person’s family and their children. This is disturbing and disappointing, but pretty much par for the course with the tactics and attacks that Shepard and the MEA / MCAS / Cummings / Spiller, etc. have been using. This is not about facts or argument: they’re making direct threats to the people (us, although their aim is wrong) they disagree with – threatening to try to poison the teachers of their children against them. It’s low and it’s disgusting. We’re furious. But we won’t be cowed by these tactics. We’re only more motivated now, we suspect that those who have engaged in them will come to wish they hadn’t.

We’re including screenshots of the email and the message. We’re not sure if the message goes away after having opened it once, but if it doesn’t readers can check it out for themselves at 



2 thoughts on “That Was Quick: Despicable Opponents Resort to Making Threats to Our (Supposed) Families

  1. Right of Center

    I wouldn’t assume it’s something the people named above did. More likely it’s one of the nut jobs on the Save Our Schools FB page and is simply a cry for help. Stick with the facts, and their false narrative will be exposed.

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