Maia Davis Undisclosed Union Affiliation Getting National Attention

Looks like our revelations about Maia Davis’s failure to disclose her professional ties have gotten some attention outside of Montclair. This Week In Education blogger Alexander Russo posted about the controversy, writing: 

An anonymous Montclair New Jersey blog  called “Montclair Schools Watch” noted earlier this week that Maia Davis, apparently one of the most prominent critics of the district and its implementation of the Common Core, has been quoted repeatedly in local media (like the Bergen Record) and started a group critical of reform efforts there without being identified as a UFT communications staffer

Russo also agrees with our point that it’s an issue, saying:  

Should reporters ask (and pass along) what parent advocates do for their day jobs?  Should advocates identify themselves by where they work or what kind of work they do if it’s relevant? My inclination is to say “yes.”  The issue has come up in the past, for example in Chicago where parents and teachers were quoted without any indication of their affiliations. Reporters often reach out to the closest, most convenient, and most vocal stakeholders for quotes (rather than the most typical ones), and fail to ID them as such.

He also got into it on Twitter with Regina Tuma, an activist here who sprang to Davis’s defense making a bunch of false and obfuscating claims like this one:



Lisa Fleisher, a reporter who the blogger included in his tweet responded with some logic: 


When pressed for examples, she doesn’t have any. 


Just more ranting and rhetoric, which has become typical from the MCAS crowd, only now – unfortunately – they’re embarrassing us all at the national level. 

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