Focus On Kids, Not External Political Agendas

In his first comments as new school board president, David Deutsch really nailed it: 

“I would love to shift the focus off so many of the external things and refocus them on children and doing what we can do improve the educational outcome of our kids, because at the end of the day, I think all the members of the board are on there because they are dedicated to the children of the community,” Deutsch said. 

We’ve been saying this since we started, because we feel it reflects one of the real problems with the debate here. There’s been way too much influence from and focus on external political agendas trying to use Montclair as a symbol, rather than focusing on the education of our kids here. 

That’s what MCAS has really been about – a fight by professional activists like Michelle Fine and Maia Davis to make an example of Montclair. We have Davis, who we now know is a paid AFT operative, fighting the AFT’s political fights here in Montclair. We have Sean Spiller – a statewide NJEA official – carrying water for the union’s anti-common core talking points during school budget debates (we’re still mystified how he’s allowed to vote on that). And those are just two of many examples.

Deutsch is right to put the focus on kids here rather than those outside agendas, and we hope he’s successful in moving the district forward. 

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