The Common Core Opposition, Take 3: MCAS Now Relying on Arguments From Racist, Homophobic, Sexist Right-Winger

Previously here and here we talked about how much of the ideological opposition to the common core is animated by extremist right-wingers whose views on a number of policy issues most of us here in Montclair would likely find suspect.

Opponents of common core in Montclair, especially the MCAS crowd, are quick to say that that’s not them. Of course, that’s wrong. And it’s as simple as looking at the kind of content they’re sharing on their Facebook page.

Take, for instance, this post by right-wing columnist Jay Ambrose that they shared. In between finding time to defend the tea party from the evil media and claiming criticisms of the tea party amounted to “bigotry”, repeatedly standing up for homophobic, anti-gay laws, and denying climate change time and time again, he also finds time to target the latest subject of conservative tea-party outrage: common core. That’s the sort of voice they want to amplify, apparently. 

In the article Ambrose ironically argues that the opposition isn’t just a bunch of “tea-party, ultra-conservative ignoramus types” but also includes noted experts like Diane Ravitch. Of course, he’s just about the worst person to carry that message given his own record of rhetoric. And the truth is that of course there are people who aren’t tea party activists who oppose the common core. But the political foundation of opposition to it is based in that right wing movement, and is – as we’ve written before – deeply rooted in a lot of homophobic and conspiracy-theory laden arguments.

It’s familiar territory for Ambrose. Here’s some other best-of’s from the author who’s opinions MCAS thought were credible and important enough to share. A quick review of his work finds him batting the cycle with plenty of racism, sexism, and homophobia.


Offensively comparing bans on gay marriage to denying food stamps to the rich, social security to young people, and telling old men they can’t be in the boy scouts:

It has been a union of male and female often afforded an array of privileges because the family unit has been crucial to propagating and nurturing the species. While for obvious reasons they may choose not to, no homosexual is denied the right to marry someone of the opposite sex anymore than heterosexuals are permitted to enter same-sex marriages. 

There is no inequality here, and to assert the opposite is equivalent to saying it’s discrimination to deny Social Security to young, able-bodied working people. Or to deny food stamps to the rich. Or to tell octogenarian men they cannot join the Boy Scouts.


Defending Racist Voter ID Laws as “Just” (with more racism!)

Jay Ambrose: Voter ID laws are wonderfully just

It’s time to get to the root of all the consternation about states requiring photo IDs to vote: The progressives, it seems to me, want to cheat. They hope to have illegal aliens and other ineligible sorts hasten to the polls to help elect Democrats come November.

Their worry isn’t just that you need a photo ID to get a beer, drive a car or fly on a plane. It’s that states enacting new election laws are making it easy and cheap or even free to obtain a photo ID. These are very nearly the opposite of the Jim Crow atrocities by which Southern blacks got to vote only if all bigoted enforcers miraculously fell dead on the spot. The new laws are just.

The laws are so wonderfully just, in fact, that they appear to be the reason for higher voter turnouts in some states, some suggesting that faith in the electoral system has been restored.


Opposing Equal Pay for Equal Work Laws:

He talks as if such a law would do more good than harm, when it won’t, and now is talking as if women are being unfairly treated because men on average make more money than they do.

It is true that men are better compensated on average, but it is also true that this has been well-researched and the main reasons are that many employed women choose to work fewer hours than men or take jobs that pay less but are more convenient or rewarding to them than those that pay more. We’ve got laws requiring equal pay for equal work and women can now sue if the facts support their case, and a couple of new executive orders from the president about fairness from federal contractors are meaningless.


Standing Up For George Zimmerman:

It’s amazing, a terrible disappointment, really — all the profiling that went on and is still going on of George Zimmerman in the murder case against him.


That’s enough for now. If you want to read more of his garbage, here’s a bunch more.


We’ve said it before, and it’s worth saying again, againthis is the kind of rhetoric that is driving opposition to Common Core, and even if opponents of it here in Montclair say it’s not them, the fact is that it’s the movement – and the people – that they’ve joined up with. 



3 thoughts on “The Common Core Opposition, Take 3: MCAS Now Relying on Arguments From Racist, Homophobic, Sexist Right-Winger

  1. Open Minded

    Event to be held this week in Millburn ( will feature speaker Carolee Adams, of Eagle Forum. Ms. Adams is listed as the 2009 NJ State Leader for EF, and reading their mission statement is a bit concerning….
    This event is not be happening here in Montclair, but still, our town & Millburn are not that different, we are relatively close to each other, and the organization that is hosting the event, “Preserve Our Schools” seems similar to a lot of other grass roots organizations around that are anti-CCSS.
    Just some food for thought…and I think speaks (quite loudly) to the point MTCSchoolsWatch is presenting here on this blog.

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