Scott White’s Inappropriate Messages to Students Reflect Typical MCAS Attacks

There’s been a furor the past two days over the news that former Montclair guidance counselor Scott White sent messages to Montclair students via Facebook pushing them to engage in a protest at graduation.

From BaristaNet:

Barista Kids has been informed that former Montclair High School Director of Guidance Scott White has sent a private message to graduating MHS seniors on Facebook encouraging them to write — “I am not a number,” “a school is a community,” “teachers matter,” and “give teacher’s respect,”  — and tape the messages on their mortar boards after they are seated at graduation, which will take place on Monday, June 23.

White has been an extremely aggressive critic of the administration, to the extent that we’ve always felt he was trying to settle some unspecified personal grudges.

This is not the first time that White has been vocal on his views of the Montclair School district, one he worked at for 22 years. White criticized the administration, his fellow co-workers, the Superintendent, and others  in several blog posts on a public blog back in October 2013 after he left the district for the position of Director of Guidance at Morristown High School.

But to our knowledge, however, this appears to be the first time that he is enlisting students to spread his views.

Montclair High School senior parents, tell us what your feelings are regarding Mr. White’s message to your children and his suggestion of protesting at their graduation.

From the looks of things, folks did take to the comments to share their views, which seemed to be:

1.) This was inappropriate and sad


2.) The sort of thing that is par for the course with Scott White and the other folks at MCAS

There was some disagreement about that last point between folks, but we think it’s an important one and we agree with it, so wanted to weigh in with some perspective. We don’t actually know who MCAS members are, besides a few, but we assume that White counts himself among them.  And conversely, MCAS has often touted White’s blog, celebrating his unhinged rants. Here’s a few examples:




At the end of the day, these are exactly the sort of attacks that MCAS’s Maia Davis, Michelle Fine, etc. have been launching, and – just like the other ones – we feel strongly that it’s not productive or healthy for our community. But these are the depths that these guys are willing to stoop to. 



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