MCAS/MEA Attack-Dog AssessmentGate Hates EVERYTHING The District Does – Even Breakfast for Kids

There’s a telling conversation happening in the comments section over at Barista Net on the story about the district’s new policy to provide breakfast for all Montclair students. It’s a good development, and a good policy for the district:


One of the new initiatives and investments beginning this school year at the Montclair School District is a Breakfast Program at all schools.

Before this year, the District operated a compliance-driven school breakfast program, offering a morning meal where required by law. Last year, 1,457 students qualified for free or reduced-price meals in the district, 22% of the overall student population.

Now all Montclair Public School children can get breakfast at school.

Studies show that many children go to school without breakfast. They also show that children who have eaten a nutritious breakfast are better behaved at school, have longer attention spans, score higher on tests, and are more interested in the educational program.

Good news for our kids, right? Well you’d think so.

Unless of course you were Assessment, the online attack dog for the MCAS folks like Regina Tuma and Michelle Fine. In that case, you might think that providing free breakfasts for students is actually part of a giant conspiracy. Take a look:


Good lord. Will these guys ever stop?

No matter what the district does, it’s always part of some nefarious conspiracy. No action can be praised, and everything has to be attacked. The reason is simple. These guys aren’t in it to try and make our schools here better. As we’ve mentioned before, they’re using Montclair as a proxy in their national political efforts, and are just trying to get a “win” here – seemingly by trying to force out the superintendent. Personally, we just don’t see where that gets us, or how it makes our schools better.

But that’s their MO – everything the district does, attack it. Find fault. Criticize. No policy the district does could possibly be part of an effort to make things better, because they don’t actually care how the kids do in the district. They want to get a political win and continue their national political crusade and national speaking tour (the funders of which still haven’t been disclosed).

We look forward to hearing next from MCAS/AssessmentGate about how additional world language teachers and a new guidance counselor are all PARCC plots. Obviously, kindergarten class size reduction is just a plan for more testing. Or whatever the next ridiculous, over-the-top thing they come up with to attack the district is.

It’s ridiculous, it shows that these folks aren’t serious about improving our schools, and they shouldn’t be taken seriously.

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