Michelle Fine Emails Document MCAS Alliance & Coordination With Extremist Right-Wing Racists and Bigots In Eagle Forum Here in Montclair

We’ve written several times before about the radical, right-wing politics that underlie a lot of the attacks on common core and the PARCC. While mostly that’s a national thing, it’s occasionally seeped into our local politics, notably with the recent pander-flop by Gov. Christie. And, as we’ve mentioned before, it’s even here in Montclair itself, with ties between the MCAS activists and the far right.

In March, we reported on the far right-wing website Breitbart’s publication of an MCAS video. Last May, we highlighted the source of content MCAS was sharing – far-right, extremist homophobic commentators.

And last June, we wrote about the anti-common core/PARCC advocacy locally by Carolee Adams, the head of the Eagle Forum in New Jersey. As we noted in our piece, Adams has an extremely disturbing track record of bigotry and hatred – and really, outright racism – that we’d have thought would be completely appalling to anyone in our community.

But lo and behold – just as they exposed her close coordination with the NJEA – the emails released show Michelle Fine actively coordinating with and working to support these groups, including the Eagle Forum and Adams herself. And notably, she understood how noxious their politics are, and wanted to keep her alliance with these racist, bigoted right-wing activists a secret.

Here Fine is, coordinating with one of her MCAS helpers on getting press for the Eagle Forum events “as long as she doesn’t say she is working with us”:

1 - Copy

2 - Copy

At the end of the email, you can see the note she sent a reporter, letting him know about the event and trying to get some press for her allies at the Eagle Forum.

We’re written before about the Eagle Forum’s and Carolee Adams’ hateful, bigoted politics. Here’s a few more recent examples:

Here’s a few examples of some of their recent commentary on Common Core:

Despite their claims to be fighting for progressive causes, these emails show that Fine and her MCAS allies are about one thing and one thing only: their extreme political agenda. And they’re willing to work with anyone – even openly racist, hateful, political extremists – to try to win.


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